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Fathom This!

ripping yarns and sea shanties

The world is your lobster
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You know, this used to be such a cool LJ about fannish things, with witty banter and pseudo-intelligent stuff and - failing all else - musicspam. Now, I suspect it's turned into one of Those Blogs where some neurotic chick bores everyone with stories about her cats...

I'm a marine scientist with aspirations to be a science writer of some sort one day. Meanwhile, I content myself with the occasional scientifically-orientated rant as an interruption of this journal's normal service of anecdotes, diary entries, general Blah, fannish things and idle musings on Stuff. I'm happy, I'm solvent, I get to play around on boats and I've got all my own teeth, so life is pretty peachy on the whole.

Most of my posts are public, but I occasionally f-lock things, if only so that I can entertain the conceit that I lead a mysterious and interesting life. I mean, this is largely untrue, but it makes me feel better sometimes by giving me something to aspire to ;)