This is why I have trust issues when it comes to hairdressers

I had my annual haircut the other today, and because my housemate had bought me a voucher for my birthday I took the unprecedented risk of having something a bit different. So I asked for an ombre. In retrospect, I probably should have insisted on having a bit of a chat first to make sure his idea of the end goal was also my idea. I should have shown umpteen reference photos. But he seemed to know what I was after and I went with it.

It... isn't 100% terrible.

When my hair's down, it looks more or less like it should - but with hair up, you can see where the blending did not work very well underneath. He actually didn't do the same backcombing technique on those sections as he did on top - no idea why. But the line is pretty visible, and it is not a subtle change in colour either! Ack.

So while I contemplate whether to live with it, try and fix it myself at home, or be terribly un-British and actually go back and ask them to fix it, I decided to live with it for a couple of days and see how I feel. Meanwhile, I have noticed that my hair is now not unlike my tabby-tortoiseshell cat's.

She definitely wears it better.

Writing - WIPs

Been a bit distracted from writing recently, so thought I’d post a snippet from the second chapter of Deptford Blue (which I intend to finish & post this weekend), plus the first bit of another WIP that’s been rattling around for a bit, which will probably be the next up when the other one’s finished.

Both for Rivers of London fandom, so probably won't make a whole lot of sense on their own if you've not read the books!

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River of London fic: faceless

I'm not sure if anyone reads Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series (if you don't, but you love crime fiction and fantasy, and the idea of a mixed-race copper in the Met becoming an apprentice wizard, and excellent narrative, and social commentary, and snark - go and read!) but for anyone who does already, and who's interested in fic in that fandom, I wrote a thing:

Title: faceless (link to AO3)
Characters: Lesley May (POV)
Spoilers: Spoilers for key reveals in the first book (Rivers of London) and fourth book (Broken Homes) in the series. As in, probably don't even click through to read the logline as you might work out stuff and be spoiled!

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You know you're fully committed when you're oscillating between:

1) avoiding doing your tax return
2) avoiding doing the other Important Thing that needs doing by doing your tax return

I think I've reached peak procrastination. She says, posting on LJ...

Maybe not!


It's been a really relaxing, do-nothing, eat-everything few days. Almost to a fault - I was uncharacteristically glad that the gym was open today so I could do some mindless exercise in the warm.

I'm also glad we're now past the shortest day, and although it will be a while until things get noticeably brighter it's good to know it's coming. This year, more than I've previously noticed, I've just felt like staying in bed and hibernating with good books and warm drinks.

Apparently there's a cold snap coming - good thing I have some new reading material, thanks to Santa: "The Hundred Year Old Man..." by Jonas Jonasson and "The Guest Cat" by Takashi Hiraide both seem to be on lots of friends/folks recommendation lists. But I'm also looking forward to "The Norfolk Mystery" by Ian Samson: thirties-set, Norfolk-set, and 'celebrating and sending up the golden age of detective novels... when Dorothy L Sayers and Agatha Christie were the queens of crime'. Yes, please! Duvet ready, kettle boiling - I'm all set.

How does this work, again?

So in my "what does this do again?" drive, I'm trying to remember how all the crossposting goodness works between DW and LJ. And how tags work. And I'm also wondering if password changes will screw everything up.

My life, folks: it's so exciting!

But there's wine and Christmas music and really good cheese, so maybe things aren't too shabby.

Should this be a "Hello, World"?

So, it's been a while!

Decided to resurrect my LJ as I've been wanting to do some posting of thoughts and suchlike. Also, I've been reading things that I want to geek out over, which hasn't happened for a few years. It's a nice feeling...

To my long-neglected flist, hope you are all doing well - Happy Holidays, and hope to catch up with everyone before too long!

GMT Fail

Today I made a six-hour round trip to attend a 2-hour meeting. Teleconferencing: defiantly nonexistent in this part of the world, it seems.

And on the drive back, there was a brief item on the news about lots of people being late for work because their iPhones hadn't dealt with daylight savings time properly.

At first, I thought: How inconvenient.

Then: I have an iPhone - an old one - and it coped perfectly well.

Then: ... and anyway, surely they'd be an hour *early*, not late?

Finally: What on earth were all these people doing all day Sunday that they not once came across a reminder of the time change? (I realised about midday Sunday that my iPhone and my house clocks didn't match, and thought I was slow!)

Perhaps it was an obscure glitch that defies logic. But if I were the boss of any of those people, I'd be a tad suspicious!

Message from the non-dead

Hmmm, it's been a while, hasn't it? Still not dead - although a ghostly beyond-the-grave LJ post would be rather fitting today, I suppose...

I'm so out of touch with happenings on t'internets that it took my Mum pointing out an article in the Independent about NaNoWriMo to remind me of its existence. But if I can remember my password, I might well give it a proper bash this year!

This is the last evening of a two-week break from work. I'll be a little relunctant going in tomorrow, but it will be nice to see my workmates again and catch up with the office gossip (much more palatable after a holiday absence than it is as a daily dose!)

I'm not sure how productive my fortnight's holiday has been: I meant to paint four doors (fitted and hung about six months previously), and only managed one; I meant to finish a craft project for an already belated birthday present, and simply succeeded in making progress. And I certainly didn't start the epic novel I was intending to work on! But I did have a nice, relaxing time off and totally forgot about work for most of it. So I say it was, on balance, a success :)


I'm absolutely gripped by the goings on in Westminster. It looks like - however things turn out - we will be having a referendum on electoral reform.

I am impressed with Gordon Brown's speech earlier, and personally will be sorry to see him go. If I could choose between a leader who was all about PR, media-savvy and charisma, and one who was hard-working, dogged, principled (yet unchanging in his awkwardness) - well, no contest. It's not Pop Idol - the guy is supposed to be running the country. There are plenty who are quick to complain that politicians are all style over substance, yet Gordon Brown - clearly not all about style - spent most of his time as leader being bullied by the press for lacking it. But the writing was on the wall. It will be interesting to see if this opens any doors to Lib-Lab wranglings.

Incidentally, if anyone wants a more intelligent overview of some of the current goings-on, look no further than here, where the marvellous Stephen Fry explains all. And here he discusses (pre-election) the options presented by the main three parties.

Day off work tomorrow! Time to sort out my house, which is pretty grim at the moment. Not so much dirty, but with a definite covering of fluff over the sofa and some of the carpets. The joys of pet ownership :)